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"Finally, a film that is provocative, intelligent, hilarious-and moves so swiftly, that you're left gasping for more. On top of that, the cinematography is unusually interesting, the screenplay is outstanding, the acting is formidable, and the score is deliciously Film Noir."
- Film Threat

"'The Scenesters' is a gutsy experiment that rewards the viewer's knowledge of Los Angeles, movies and TV with a funny and engaging hyper-meta crime story."
- NBC New York

"The Scenesters is the movie I keep telling my friends about. It's funny, inventive and unlike anything I've seen in long time."

“A genuinely suspenseful whodunit about a team of wannabe filmmakers exploiting a rash of L.A. murders targeting hipsters…The Scenesters is definitely, if dryly, funny in its satirical take on fame-seeking indie-rock types—boosted by a literally killer soundtrack. " --The Onion A.V. Club

"Deftly balances deadpan humor with horror" - The Daily

“A compelling whodunit that manages to pack more of a punch than the latest retro-noir murder mystery, The Scenesters is a satisfying, successful look at predators and prey, hipsters and Hollywood dreamers, and films and filmmakers that doesn't purely chase its own tail - and better yet, doesn't make moviegoers chase it either... destined to become a cult classic.” - FEARnet

"Finally, a film that is provocative, intelligent, have Independent Film as it's wildly dreamed to be." -

“witty, self-reflexive satire.” - Filmmaker Magazine

“the film is supremely comfortable to watch, kept light by the cleverly awkward comedic timing of the dialogue, and intriguing by each layer of the meta-story which is filmed in a drastically different style.” - The Annapolis Sound

“Despite being filmed with handheld cameras, “The Scenesters” looks like a major studio film, but with the sensibilities of an indie flick. It is a combination I would like to see more of with movies. To craft a great story with engaging characters while making a good looking movie is hard to come by these days.” - Off The Wall

“remains unequivocally amusing as it continues to mock the vanity of aspiring filmmakers” - IndieWire

“The packed-in screening audience laughed at all the right references the clever director/co-star Todd Berger littered throughout. Berger used several different “found footage”-style cameras to craft an almost masterpiece of independent cinema.” - SLUG Magazine

“Both an actors’ as well as a filmmakers film - and a masterpieces that everyone in the movie theater can appreciate.”

-Louisiana Film & Video Magazine

One of the “Must-See Films” of the Austin Film Festival. --The Onion A.V. Club

One of just seven films to receive “Recommended at AFF” stamp of approval --The Austin Chronicle

Todd Berger, the director, writer, and actor keeps things surprisingly suspenseful and completely ridiculous. With a good script that doesn’t give too much away and actors with great timing, he has a real winner here. - Oxford Film Freak

"Beyond the script and the cast's awareness of comedic timing, our attention was sucked up by the innovative use of local music and even the bits of neighborhood history thrown in for good measure. The film has a healthy dose of satire and some surprisingly effective commentary on people looking for their big break professionally, romantically, or beyond. Dare we ask what The Vacationeers could do with an Oprah-sized budget?" --The Austinist

“The first feature-length film from the Los Angeles comedic film group (and YouTube favorites) the Vacationeers, ‘The Scenesters’ inventively wraps a murder mystery in layers of filmic segments and threads into a funny, quirky effect…The strong acting and genuinely creative story saves ‘The Scenesters’ from mere trendiness.” --The Austin American Statesman

“The Scenesters excels on so many different levels, it’s truly impressive…Keep an eye out for The Scenesters, it’s worth seeking out.” --

“The Scenesters has an entertaining premise and devises interesting ways to explore it. I’d recommend The Scenesters for anyone who appreciates meta humor in a film, satires about filmmaking, or crime stories with a twist.” - Dane 101

“Todd Berger has constructed a plot that’s unpredictable, which is difficult to achieve for crime-driven movies…The real treat, however, is the performances, which always deliver genuine laughs — a rarity in today’s world of bathroom humour and slapstick comedy.” -- The Gateway

One of four “indie gems festival-goers have discovered at AFF…Funny, clever, great performances, fantastic soundtrack. This is the sort of unique film that could become a cult hit (or maybe even a regular hit).”


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